For the first time, Finland will host the European Masters Weightlifting Championships from 12th to 19th of June 2019 in Rovaniemi! Competition center is the Santasport Institute in Ounasvaara, which provides an excellent framework for major international sporting events. Training, competition, accommodation and catering services can all be found under the same roof. Welcome to Lapland and lift the midnight sun!


24 June 2019 - A total of 54 new European and World Masters records were made at the 2019 championships!
20 June 2019 - Huge thanks to all lifters, visitors and volunteers! It was an incredible week! We lifted the midnight sun!
19 June 2019 - The 2019 European Masters are now over and all results are posted at the end of this page.
12 June 2019 - The competition is starting soon! You can watch it live on our YouTube channel.
9 June 2019 - Shuttle bus service starts operating on Wednesday, June 12 at 6:00. Download the schedule.
8 June 2019 - Accreditation point at Santasport reception opens on Tuesday, June 11 at 12:00.
5 June 2019 - Santasport weightlifting training area (Voimapaja) is open daily 8:00–21:00.


The 2019 European Masters Weightlifting Championships are organized by the Finnish Weightlifting Federation and Rovaniemen Reipas. Rovaniemi has a long and celebrated history in weightlifting. The organizing club Rovaniemen Reipas has been one of the top Nordic and Finnish weightlifting clubs since the 1970s. Over the years, its representatives have gathered numerous medals in World Masters and European Masters Championships.

Weightlifting is one of the most popular international masters sports, and its popularity is growing all the time. National Masters Championships have been held in Finland since the 1960s with participant volumes increasing steadily. Finland has actively participated in major international events ever since masters weightlifting began. Every year a large team of Finnish masters lifters strives for success on international stage.

European Masters Weightlifting Championships is by far the largest weightlifting event in Europe with the best 35 years and older lifters arriving from all over the continent. We believe that the 2019 European Masters in Rovaniemi will be an unforgettable experience for all attendees!


Rovaniemi has a lot to offer for a visiting tourist. The city has 62 000 inhabitants and is located in Lapland, right at the Arctic Circle - a place known around the world as the home of Santa Claus. The Santa Claus Village is one of the recommended places to visit (yes, it's open all year round!) during the competition week. Since the competition is held in midsummer, the sun does not set below the horizon. You can see the midnight sun in June when you arrive in Rovaniemi.

Rovaniemi is well connected for travelling to. You can travel flexibly from Helsinki by plane or train. Rovaniemi airport is only a 15-minute drive from the competition site, and the VR train station is even closer. The city center is easily explored by foot and the nearby hills are filled with hiking paths, mountain bike routes and nature trails. Visit the links below for more activities and maps. Also, make sure to check out a great accommodation offer (valid until 15th April 2019) from our partner Santasport.


The 2019 European Masters Weightlifting Championships has a dedicated shuttle bus service available. Cost of the service is 30 € per person and includes pickup and return to / from Santasport and the airport, railway station or bus station. Shuttle bus transport between Santasport and Rovaniemi city center is also included and available during the championships.

You can order the shuttle bus service via email at Please include your full names, flight numbers and times of arrival and departure, or train or bus arrival and departure times. Also include the full name, e-mail address and phone number of the contact person. The service is paid in cash at the accreditation point at Santasport.


Championship registration is now closed and the competition schedule and start lists are posted below. A total of 489 athletes (144 women and 345 men) have registered to compete at the 2019 European Masters. Please visit the IWF Masters & European Masters Weightlifting Registration website for further information about the registration process.

The best way to keep in touch with the 2019 European Masters Weightlifting Championships is through our Facebook page. It features competition news, photos and other important updates, so remember to click that follow button. And if you can't make it to Rovaniemi in June, you can still experience the 2019 masters championships. All age groups and bodyweight categories will be broadcast live on Rovaniemen Reipas YouTube channel.


This is a continuously updated list of the competition results. All age group and weight category results are available for download in easily printable PDF documents. If schedule permits, we will update the list throughout the competition, and if not, the results will be posted daily after the last group has lifted. A greyed out weight category text indicates that the results are not yet available.

M80 M75 M70 M65 M60 M55 M50 M45 M40 M35
55 kg 55 kg - 55 kg 55 kg - - 55 kg 55 kg -
61 kg 61 kg - 61 kg 55 kg 61 kg 61 kg 61 kg - 61 kg
67 kg 67 kg 67 kg 67 kg 67 kg 67 kg 67 kg 67 kg 67 kg 67 kg
73 kg 73 kg 73 kg 73 kg 73 kg 73 kg 73 kg 73 kg 73 kg 73 kg
81 kg 81 kg 81 kg 81 kg 81 kg 81 kg 81 kg 81 kg 81 kg 81 kg
89 kg 89 kg 89 kg 89 kg 89 kg 89 kg 89 kg 89 kg 89 kg 89 kg
96 kg 96 kg 96 kg 96 kg 96 kg 96 kg 96 kg 96 kg 96 kg 96 kg
102 kg 102 kg 102 kg 102 kg 102 kg 102 kg 102 kg 102 kg 203 kg 102 kg
109 kg 109 kg 109 kg 109 kg 109 kg 109 kg 109 kg 109 kg 109 kg 109 kg
- +109 kg +109 kg +109 kg +109 kg +109 kg +109 kg +109 kg +109 kg +109 kg
W70 W65 W60 W55 W50 W45 W40 W35
- - - - - - 45 kg -
49 kg - - 49 kg 49 kg - 49 kg 49 kg
55 kg 55 kg 55 kg 55 kg 55 kg 55 kg 55 kg 55 kg
59 kg - 59 kg 59 kg 59 kg 59 kg 59 kg 59 kg
- - 64 kg 64 kg - 64 kg 64 kg 64 kg
- 71 kg 71 kg 71 kg 71 kg 71 kg 71 kg 71 kg
- - 76 kg 76 kg - 71 kg 76 kg 76 kg
- - - - - 81 kg 81 kg 81 kg
- - 87 kg 87 kg 87 kg 87 kg 87 kg 87 kg
- - - - +87 kg +87 kg - +87 kg